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Start Your Passive Building Journey with Foundations Training

The self-paced Passive Building Foundations Training offers an introduction to the basic principles of passive building and Phius. It is ideal for anyone without technical training who is interested in what passive building has to offer. Those who complete the course and pass the exam are recognized as Phius Associates.

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Take On Thermal Bridging Like a Pro

Learn fundamentals of thermal bridges: how and why they’re calculated. This 10-hour training enables you to quantify the linear heat transfer at component connection details, analyze those results, iterate to improve the detail and create a thermal bridge report that could be used in a Phius Project Certification submission.

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Phius Prescriptive Path Workshop

Everything that you know and love about the Phius standard has been formulated into a digestible recipe for widespread adoption. Learn the foundational principles of the Phius CORE prescriptive path requirements and the rationale behind how they were derived.

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Phius Project Certification Prep Course

This 4-hour course is designed to prepare Phius Certified Consultants and project submitters who are first-time submitters for Phius Project Certification, or those who have not submitted a project in a while. It is intended to set expectations for the process and improve how submitters integrate the review process into their practice.

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WUFI Passive Modeling Training

WUFI Passive is a powerful tool that can enhance the design and certification of passive building projects if integrated into the design process properly. The WUFI Passive Modeling Tool was developed by Fraunhofer IBP in Partnership with Phius and Owens Corning. The software generates client-ready building performance reports as soon as you receive results.

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WUFI Passive Single Family

In this course, you will model a single family home from start to finish, learn the typical modeling workflow and complete an individual design exercise with instructor guidance and critique. Students will learn pro tips to streamline the process and ensure the full capabilities of the software are utilized.

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WUFI Passive Advanced Multifamily

This course is for multifamily WUFI Passive users that want to take their modeling to the next level - learning pro tips to ensure the full capabilities of the software are utilized.

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WUFI Pro Hygrothermal

WUFI® Pro software is used to analyze moisture conditions in building enclosures by performing one-dimensional hygrothermal calculations. This training is currently under development.

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