WUFI Passive is the most powerful passive building modeling tool on the market.

WUFI Passive was developed by Fraunhofer IBP in Partnership with Phius and Owens Corning. The user-friendly tool provides toggles between IP and SI units for ease of modeling and provides access to WUFI's well-known hygrothermal modeling tool through a toggle from static to dynamic modeling. The software generates client-ready building performance reports as soon as you receive results.
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Course Structure

WUFI Passive Single Family Training

Course Structure

The course is split into three virtual training sessions. The first two days are 4-hour sessions with a one day gap in between, followed by a 2-hour session one week later. This totals to 10 hours of training.

Hands-On Virtual Learning

This online session includes both instructor-led tutorial style training as well as guided modeling completed by each student.

Complete a Model from Start to Finish

In this course, you will model a single family home from start to finish, learn the typical modeling workflow and complete an individual design exercise with instructor guidance and critique.

Free Access to the Modeling Tool

With course registration, students will receive an 8-week license to the full version of WUFI Passive and WUFI Plus.

Come As You Are

This workshop is intended both for those learning WUFI Passive for the first time, or those that learned WUFI Passive during Phius Certified Consultant (CPHC) training but have not had a chance to apply the tool yet.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to input data into WUFI Passive in its static mode to model a building from start to finish.
  • Learn to produce outputs and whole building modeling results necessary for Phius certification compliance.
  • Identify the fundamental modeling workflow for Phius project certification.
  • Interpret modeling results in WUFI Passive static mode.
  • Apply the skills learned to an individual design exercise.

Continuing Education Credits

AIA (American Institute of Architects)

Earn 10 AIA LU's

Phius CEUs

Earn 10 Phius CEUs


There are no prerequisites, though an understanding of building energy modeling and passive building is highly recommended.

Operating System Requirements

WUFI Passive requires Windows OS. If you use a Mac, you must have a working copy of Windows installed. Mac users need to purchase and install VMWare Fusion, Bootcamp, or Parallels, along with a Windows operating system. VMWare Fusion is recommended.