Feasibility Study

A feasibility study lays the groundwork for success

A Snapshot of Where Your Design is and How to Get it Off the Ground

To help determine if Phius Certification is achievable for your project, request a relatively low-cost feasibility study to learn what it will take to bring the building to the Phius standard. The cost varies based on the building type and size, but basically, it's a quick preliminary energy model using the design you already have to provide required performance values, for both the building envelope and mechanical systems, to achieve Phius Certification.
Request a Feasibility Study

Benefits of a Feasibility Study

Here is How a Feasibility Study Can Help You

Start Your Project on the Right Foot

This study helps the project team begin thinking about incorporating passive building standards into their project early on. It illuminates the discussion topics necessary to successfully design and construct a certified Phius project.

Build Off the WUFI Passive Model We Create

We complete the model during the project's design phase for developers, architects, or others who are interested in Phius Certification. The fundamental energy model, created by Phius, can be used by the project team as a stepping stone once Phius Certification is a project goal. If you are a Phius CPHC without a lot of experience in WUFI® Passive, this is an excellent opportunity to work on, and learn from, an existing energy model.

Use it to Show You're on Track and Stay on Track

Many government, funding, and granting agencies require documentation that a project can meet Phius Certification requirements. A Phius feasibility study is the perfect preliminary energy model to meet these requirements, get the team on track, and use to assess design decisions moving forward.

What's Included in the Study?

  • WUFI® Passive energy model with completed cases for the proposed design and Phius-complaint (when proposed design is not compliant)
  • WUFI® Passive report estimating preliminary annual energy use for base design and Phius-compliant design
  • Target building-envelope thermal performance values to meet Phius standards
  • One solution for mechanical system equipment selection and corresponding performance ratings
  • Comparison report between the proposed and Phius-compliant projects, outlining variances in enclosure, system selection, and more.
  • Energy use comparison vs. code (optional)
  • A 1-hour conference call between the Phius team and project team running through results, generally about 1-2 weeks after the completed study is sent back to the project team.

What Does a Feasibility Study Cost?

Feasibility study fees are based upon the project’s type (residential or commercial) and calculated square feet of iCFA (interior conditioned floor area). If a project consists of residential and significant non-residential spaces, two energy models may be necessary, and pricing may be based on each model individually.

Feasibility Study FAQs

  • Discounts may be available for project teams that provide a SketchUp model ready for import (or already imported) into WUFI Passive. Discounts are subject to Phius’ discretion and may not be applicable if significant revision is needed by Phius.