Prefabricated Panel Certification Program

Find a Phius Certified panel system for your passive project, or get your prefabricated panel product Phius Certified to expand your marketplace reach.

Certified Prefabricated Panel Systems

Phius Certified Panel Systems have verified performance readily available to passive building practitioners. Panel systems may comprise a full construction system or a partial system such as a wall, roof, or foundation. The program verifies that the system is a low risk for moisture problems, and addresses the four critical control functions of a building enclosure: water, air, water vapor, thermal, as well as a minimum level of “critter control” (insects and rodents).

Phius Certified Products Database

Are you considering using prefabricated panels for your project? View the Phius Certified Products Database to find the right fit.

Phius Certified Products Database

Why choose Phius Certified Products?

Our product certification programs ensure that practitioners have the information they need to make informed choices about which products to use. Manufacturers can also use Phius Certification to objectively demonstrate their products' performance.

Get Certified

Interested in how to get your panel system Phius Certified and listed in our database? View the process flow below for a general certification timeline and download the Prefabricated Panel Certification Program Document to get started.

Phius Panel Certification Program Document

Prefabricated Panel System Certification Process

Step 1: Decide on your scope of certification.

Manufacturers may opt to certify a single component, or an entire system, and can choose to pursue certification for one or more climate zones. Pricing is structured around the complexity of the submitted system(s), and the number of rounds of revision required to address any issues preventing certification. See our certification cost estimation tool for a preliminary look at pricing.

Step 2: Submit your panel systems and receive a quote.

Once you know which parts of your panel system(s) you'd like to certify, gather the required documentation make your submission by email to our Product Certification Manager (Michael Franco, to begin the quotation process. The Phius Product Certification team will work with you to finalize the scope of work, and prepare the total cost of the preliminary rounds of review for certification for your approval.

Step 3: Authorize the certification work and await the preliminary results.

After you accept your quotation, authorize the work, and submit your payment, the Phius Product Certification team will complete the calculations necessary to evaluate your panel system(s). Once their work is complete, you will receive a summary of the team's evaluation along with any corrections necessary to move forward with certification.

Step 4: Complete any requested revisions and a final review.

Once the system has undergone any further required rounds of evaluation and revision, you will receive a certificate and set of data sheets for any systems that have achieved certification. Certified systems will also be published to the Phius Certified Product Database.

The Phius Product Certification team is here for you.

Have questions about how to submit for certification? Let us know how we can help.