Single-Family Projects

Phius homes are designed for comfort, resilience and efficiency.

Where it All Started

Phius has been certifying single-family homes for more than a decade, after building the first passive house in North America in 2003. Since then, we've grown into the leading passive building standard in North America for all building types.
Single-Family Overview

Homes of the Future

Phius homes are the most luxurious, energy efficient, safe and resilient single-family dwellings on the planet.

Sonoran Desert Passive

This home in Tucson, Arizona is an example of the Phius standards' ability to adapt to any climate zone.

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Tools & Tips for Success

Phius has all the tools you need to successfully build a single-family home.

Become a Phius Certified Professional

Evolve your skills, knowledge and practice. Join more than 3,000 other professionals who are setting the standard for passive building in North America.
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