Energy Codes

Becoming the Standard

Once builders, architects, engineers and other construction professionals gain familiarity with the Phius standard through projects incented by utility programs and/or QAPs, jurisdictions can establish Phius as part of the energy code. The energy code is the minimum standard, set by a state or municipality, that a building must comply with. It is typically a set of minimum requirements for insulation, air sealing and mechanical equipment efficiency. There are multiple paths to complying with the energy code and in certain jurisdictions Phius is called out as an alternative compliance path. Instead of meeting all of the individual requirements or running a complex software simulation, certification by Phius ensures compliance with the energy code.

States/Municipalities with Phius Included in Energy Codes

Our Policy Work

Check out the Phius-related policies that are promoting the construction of energy-efficient single-family dwellings, multifamily apartments and commercial buildings.