Phius Window & Door Certification Program

Find a Phius Certified fenestration product for your passive project, or get your window, skylight or door Phius Certified to expand your marketplace reach.

Thermal Performance Data for Windows & Doors at Any Size

Phius Window and Door Certification

Phius certified windows and doors offer practitioners product-specific, component-level thermal performance data for energy models with no estimates and no guesswork involved.
Phius certified windows and doors go beyond whole-product U-values at standard size and allow professionals to model products' thermal performance at the specific dimensions they need for their projects.
Phius Certified Window and Door Database

For Manufacturers: Leverage the Benefits of Phius Product Certification

  • Position your products as industry-leading in the high-performance building sector
  • Provide your customers with performance data they need that is not readily available elsewhere
  • Display your products directly to end users in the new Phius Certified Product Database
  • Solidify your advertised performance values with third-party verified data
  • Product-specific datasheets in both IP and SI units for easy use in modeling software
  • No physical testing required – get your products certified with or without any existing certifications

For Practitioners:

Why use Phius certified windows and doors? They offer Phius-verified performance data, save time gathering documentation, and speed up your project review. While Phius certified products are never required for Phius certified projects, they do offer considerable benefits. Use the link below to browse our current listings of Phius certified windows and doors!

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