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Find a Phius Certified fenestration product for your passive project, or get your window, skylight or door Phius Certified to expand your marketplace reach.

Certified Windows, Doors and Skylights

Phius Certified fenestration products include all the performance data you need to model your project's fenestration with fewer assumptions.

Phius Certified Products Database

Find the Right Fenestration Product for your Project

Need to find the right windows for your project? View the Phius Certified Products Database to find the windows, doors, or skylights you need.

Phius Certified Products Database

Why choose Phius Certified Products?

Verified Performance You Can Trust

Our product certification programs ensure that practitioners have the information they need to make informed choices about which products to use. Manufacturers can also use Phius Certification to objectively demonstrate their products' performance.

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Certify your Products and Get Listed

Interested in how to get your windows, doors, or skylights Phius certified and listed in our database? View the process flow below for a general certification timeline and download the Window Certification Program Document to get started.

Download the Phius Window Certification Protocol and Application

Fenestration Certification Process

Step 1: Decide on your scope of certification.

Most manufacturers choose to certify a sample of their product lines. We recommend choosing your highest performing frame profiles and pairing them with a sampling of glazing packages that offer good performance across the climate zones that you wish to target. Pricing is structured around the number of products submitted. A product consists of a unique frame/spacer/glazing combination. Let us know if any of your products carry NFRC certification! Any product with a CPD number is eligible to have its NFRC rating converted to Phius certification. This cost-effective conversion is conducted through our partner simulators who are Phius-certified and work at NFRC-accredited labs. Contact us for more details on eligible products, simulators, and NFRC partner labs and see our list of Phius-affiliated labs/simulators below.

Step 2: Submit your product combinations and receive a quote.

Once you know which products you'd like to certify, gather the required documentation and make your submission by email to our Product Certification Manager (Michael Franco, to begin the quotation process. The Phius Product Certification team will work with you to finalize the scope of work, prepare the total cost of certification, and provide an estimated completion date for your approval.

Step 3: Authorize the certification work and await your results.

After you accept your quotation, authorize the work, and submit your payment, the Phius Product Certification team will complete the calculations necessary to certify your products. Once their work is complete, you will receive your product certificates and the results will be published to the Phius Certified Product Database.

The Phius Product Certification team is here for you.

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