A Better Way to Zero

The Phius standard is the smartest path to zero energy because it guarantees projects are built right, right from the start by reducing the energy requirements first. Phius standards provide a cost-effective path to reducing energy loads — the best foundation for zero-energy buildings.

The Path to Zero

Carbon neutrality is one of our prime directives at Phius, and with our climate-appropriate energy targets and electrification requirements constructing a building to our standards goes a long way in reducing a person or organization’s carbon footprint.

Phius ZERO certification pushes further than the flagship Phius CORE, by achieving all of the same requirements and also netting out energy use on an annual basis with renewable energy. These projects have operational carbon neutrality and are set up for energy independence.

The Standard

Phius' fastest growing performance standard, Phius ZERO sets the industry standard for net zero energy design. It defines a conservation-and-quality first approach for zero energy design. It places emphasis on quality, durability, healthy, safety, and cost-optimized conservation.

How We Get There

The Phius ZERO standard targets several areas that are critical to net zero building.

Eliminate Fossil-Fueled Combustion On-Site

Phius ZERO advances electrification efforts by banning fossil-fueled combustion on site.

Support the Renewable Energy Transition

Projects that meet Phius ZERO have not only implemented best practices for on-site energy conservation but also net out their annual operational energy with renewable energy. The Phius ZERO standard specifications allow for both on-site and off-site renewable energy, while favoring on-site and local renewable energy first.

Retrofit to Zero

Decarbonizing the existing built environment is a crucial part of the mission to zero energy, and our Phius ZERO REVIVE program provides a path to do just that.


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