Passive Building: A Better Way to Zero

The substantial energy savings provided by applying passive house principles and certifying buildings to the Phius standard will play a critical role in the quest to eliminate carbon emissions from our buildings.

Start Your Passive Building Journey with Foundations Training

The self-paced Passive Building Foundations Training offers an introduction to the basic principles of passive building and Phius. It is ideal for anyone without technical training who is interested in what passive building has to offer. Those who complete the course and pass the exam are recognized as Phius Associates.

The Zero-Energy Revolution

The Phius standard is designed to scale for all types and sizes of buildings.


The concept of passive building began with single-family homes, so we at Phius have been certifying them for more than a decade.

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Office Buildings

Passive building leverages the economies of scale in commercial construction for extreme energy efficiency at extremely reasonable cost.

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Buildings constructed to Phius standards are among the safest and most resilient in the world, so why wouldn't we want schools to be built this way?

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Other Non-Residential Projects

Passive building standards can, and have, been used in a wide variety of buildings throughout the country.

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Diverse shapes and sizes, same future-forward principles

425 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York

This multi-use building is the largest Certified project to date.

RMI Innovation Center, Basalt, Colorado

The Innovation Center accommodates 50 staff and has room for 80 people in the convening space.

Seminary Hill Cidery, Callicoon, New York

This project is the world's first cidery built to passive standards.

Smith House, Urbana, Illinois

Designed and built by Phius Founder Katrin Klingenberg, this is the first passive house ever built in the U.S.

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