Phius Climate Data Sets

Phius has generated typical year climate data sets for whole building energy modeling that must be used to verify compliance with Phius' climate-specific performance standard.

Over 1000 Locations Available

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1000+ locations across North America have been generated and are available for immediate download. These are free to access for Phius Alliance Members and the available locations are visible on the Phius Climate Map.

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Trusted Tool & Methodology

Phius uses Meteonorm, a reliable tool with sophisticated calculation methods and data sources to develop its climate data sets.

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Custom Climate Data

When a Custom Climate Data Set is Required

Phius requires the use of custom climate data sets if there is no existing climate data set that is both within 50 linear miles and within 400' of elevation from your project site

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Phius Climate Data Map

Climate data sets are available for all locations with pins on this map.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If greater specificity is needed in terms of time steps, a different program like WUFI Plus, can be used that has dynamic calculation capabilities instead of a standard static model. In many cases, this is not necessary as the passive house verification method in WUFI Passive has been set up to simulate dynamic modeling for passive buildings. This is made possible because the short term fluctuations should matter less as the lag effect due to super insulation, air-tightness, and thermal mass, provides a buffer against isolated peak conditions.

custom data

Request a Custom Climate Data set

A “custom” data set means that Phius will generate a new climate data set for you if one does not already exist. If this is the case, inquire with to determine the suitability of a site or to have a custom data set generated.

Custom data sets cost $75 for everyone, including Phius Alliance Members.
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