Phius Certified Consultant (CPHC®) Program Overview

The CPHC course and professional credential is intended for engineers, architects, and energy & sustainability consultants. It provides a foundation in building science and best practices for high- performance, passive building design.

CPHC Training Schedule

About the Course

Phius Certified Consultants (CPHCs) learn to design to the Phius climate-specific building standard, the leading passive building certification in North America. Projects earning Phius Certification follow RESNET QA/QC protocols and achieve excellent HERS scores, US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home status, and adhere to EPA indoor airPLUS requirements.

Course Topics Include:

  • Building science fundamentals and best practice
  • High performance building enclosure systems
  • Cost-optimized, climate-specific design and detailing
  • High performance mechanical systems
  • Passive building ventilation strategies
  • Quality assurance and quality control strategies
  • Phius Certification requirements
  • Baseload and renewable energy systems
  • Passive building physics


You must apply for admission into the CPHC Training program, which also grants you access to take the CPHC Professional Exam.

The course requires a base knowledge in building science with architectural training, hands-on building experience, or similar background.
Apply for CPHC Training
The full course is intended to be completed over 12 months, including the professional certification exam.

CPHC Training Timeline


Upon acceptance into the program, students are granted access to Phase I and the Phase I Online Exam. They are then prompted to select from a list of scheduled live sessions for Phase II to be completed sometime 4-12 months after registration.

Phase I Training

Online, self-guided instructional modules (50-60 hours).

Phase II Training

Instructor-led, live session spread into eight 3-hour modules over two weeks (24 hours live + 2-4 hours for design exercise homework). These are scheduled roughly once a month, See schedule above for session slots.

Two-Part Exam

Phase I Online Exam: Open once Phase I content is complete, to be completed in a 3-hour time slot of student's choice.

Phase II Design Exam: Open for a 4-week window following Phase II training, to be completed and uploaded to the training site by the specified due date.

Continuing Education Credits

AIA (American Institute of Architects)

Phase I: Earn 40 LU/HSW units Phase II: Earn 40 LU/HSW units

GBCI (Green Building Certification Inc.)

Earn 32 CEU

BPI (Building Performance Institute)

Earn 37.13 CE credits

Phius CEUs

Phase I: Earn 32 Phius CEUs, Phase II: Earn 24 Phius CEUs toward other Phius Professional Credentials

Incentives & Reimbursements

Leading North America in Passive Building Training

Phius, the leading North American passive building training provider, has trained more than 3,000 professionals to date.