Qualified Allocation Plans

How do QAPs Work?

State housing agencies receive federal funding for a program called the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC). This program provides needed funding to encourage developers to build affordable housing. 

Every state housing agency administers this program. To select the projects that receive this funding, the housing agencies evaluate projects based on various criteria. The criteria include: access to transportation, cost containment, and whether it is a minority- or women-owned business. 

One criteria that is also included in all the QAPs is sustainability/green construction. In more than 15 states, projects receive points (projects with the highest point totals are selected to receive the funding) for achieving the Phius standard.

Below you will find a list of the state housing agencies that currently have Phius as part of their QAPs.

Our Policy Work

Check out the Phius-related policies that are promoting the construction of energy-efficient single-family dwellings, multifamily apartments and commercial buildings.