For Practitioners

Phius Certified Products are evaluated against criteria specific to passive building applications. This vetting process allows professionals to see how well products can meet the specific demands of a passive building. Head to the Phius Certified Product Database to find the fenestration products, ventilator units, or prefabricated panels that fit into your building designs.

For Manufacturers

Distinguish your products as market-leading, trend-setting, and high-performance. Phius Product Certification offers your customers the data and assurance they need to include your products in their designs.

Are you interested in pursuing certification? Download the program overview and criteria for your specific product category below to get started.

Product Certification Program Information

Phius currently certifies fenestration products, ventilator units, and prefabricated panels. Each program carries its own set of criteria for certification. To learn more about the certification process, see the program document for your specific product category.

Prefabricated Panel Certification Program

The Phius Prefabricated Panel program allows manufacturers to certify their prefabricated panels against criteria similar to those in the Phius Building Certification programs. Download the program document to learn more about the required documentation, review process, and prerequisite third-party certifications.

Download Prefabricated Panel Certification Program Document

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