CPHC® Training Schedule

2023 CPHC Phase II Training Dates

Plan to finish your CPHC certification now by marking your calendar for the 2023 Phase II training sessions!

Jan. 30 - Feb. 10
March 20 - March 31
April 24 - May 5 (Evening Session)
May 30 - June 10
July 10 - July 21
Aug. 14 - Aug. 25
Sept. 11 - Sept. 22 (Evening Session)
Oct. 23 - Nov. 3
Dec. 4 - Dec. 15

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CPHC Course Structure


Upon acceptance into the program, students are granted access to register for Phase I and prompted to select from a list of scheduled live sessions for Phase II to be completed sometime 2-12 months after Phase I registration.

CPHC Phase I

Months 1-4

Self-guided instructional modules with 50-60 hours of content. This phase is intended to be completed over 2-4 months, following the suggested course schedule. It covers the Phius Certification process, building science, building assemblies, HVAC systems, baseload and renewable energy systems, and passive building physics.

Students have full access to this content for 12 months and can purchase 3-month extensions as needed.

CPHC Phase I Online Exam

The Phase I exam consists of multiple choice and multi-select questions. It is focused on building science principles, Phius Certification standards and requirements, and applied passive building physics through calculation questions.

The exam will become visible upon completion of the Phase I content. A self-guided CPHC Exam Preparation course is included. The score for this exam is available immediately after submission; a passing score is required for CPHC Certification.

It is highly recommended to finish Phase I before moving on to Phase II.


Anytime, months 2-10 following Phase I

Phase II consists of instructor-led live sessions with a cohort of other CPHCs-in-training. This phase is focused on putting Phase I concepts into practice. It includes group design exercises, completing a WUFI Passive energy model on a sample project, and guidance on the profession of being a Phius Certified CPHC.

This phase spans 2 weeks and is split into eight, 3-hour sessions with a total of 24 hours of live instruction. Group exercises may require 2-3 hours outside of the scheduled live sessions.

CPHC Phase II Design Exam

The design exam is focused on applying passive building principles on a sample project. The submission is a rough passive building design, concentrated on the elements specific to passive building and Phius Certification. The scope is guided by a checklist rubric provided with the exam.

The design exam opens at the end of Phase II, and is due 4 weeks later.

The grade for this exam will be returned to students 4 weeks after the submission due date.


Upon passing the exams, new professionals sign a trademark agreement. They are then listed in the online professional database, receive professional logos, and are provided with a FREE year of Phius Alliance membership. The certification is valid for 3 years.

Continuing Education

All Phius Certified professionals gain 3-year accreditation which can be extended through a variety of renewal paths. Find more information on the continuing education page.

Re-Scheduling , Refunds & Extensions