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Red Flag Reviews

Phius offers "Red Flag Reviews" to any project team that would like a look at their project's energy model before the formal certification submission. This service is primarily geared towards project teams that are seeking high-level review of documentation available to get a sense of if the project is on the right track to move forward with design and if there are any "red-flags" that would pop up in a formal certification review and could prevent the project from receiving certification, helping avoid costly changes later. Cost: Alliance Members: $350, General Public: $400

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Feasibility Study

Not sure if Phius Certification is right for your project? Request a low-cost feasibility study to get a report detailing how close your proposed design is to compliance with the Phius Standard you are aiming to achieve.

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Additional Consulting

Phius can provide additional services to project teams that need support beyond that provided in the certification review. Typical consults include opaque assembly hygrothermal analysis, thermal bridge moisture risk analysis and thermal bridge calculations which are not included in the project certification fee. Consultants also often use this to schedule a screenshare meeting with a Certification Team Reviewer to run through their project, like a "live" Red-Flag review, listed above.

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Certification Review Queue

The Phius Certification process sets pre-defined targets for the review process, allowing projects teams to plan out when to submit and how to integrate the design review into their design process. Once the project has been submitted for certification, submitters and teams can check the review queue to see the status of the project and the estimated date they will receive their next round of feedback from Phius.

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We've Got Your Back

Phius is here to support project teams during certification every step of the way, whether its your first project or your twentieth. We are committed to the success of your projects. Reach out to us at any time with general or project-specific inquiries.
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Phius Certified Professionals

Phius professionals are here to support project teams in the certification of their Phius projects every step of the way.

Calculators and Protocols

Phius and the high-performance building community are continually creating and updating tools that make passive building design and energy modeling more accurate, efficient, and optimized.