WUFI® Passive

WUFI® Passive is a powerful user-friendly passive building energy modeling software tool that is uniquely suited to the North American market.

wufi passive

The Tool

Developed by Fraunhofer IBP, in Partnership with Phius and Owens Corning

Using Phius' data and expertise to produce a tool suited to North America's varying climate zones. The tool continually updates to support the progression of Phius' performance standard.

Reports at your fingertips

The software provides the power to generate high quality reports and graphic outputs in one-click to communicate concepts and results to clients.



Model in Metric, Inch-Pound, or Both

The user-friendly tool toggles seamlessly between IP and SI units for ease of modeling, saving you the headache on conversions.

Tap into the dynamic side

WUFI Passive provides access to WUFI's well-known hygrothermal modeling tool through a toggle from static to dynamic modeling.



On-Demand Tutorials

Phius has generated free tutorials demonstrating how to use the software for Phius Certification. These are provided in small snips to guide modelers throughout the process.

Validated Results

Phius' monitored data has shown that the measured performance of Phius' Certified projects has come within 7% of predicted data for projects modeled in WUFI Passive. Find more in the Resource Library.
Resource Library
Getting the Software

The software distributed through Fraunhofer IBP

WUFI Passive (full features)

Licenses for the fully featured latest version of WUFI Passive are available for purchase from the Web Shop. WUFI Passive licenses are available in one-year, three-year, or 10-year periods, and include automatic updates for the duration of the license.

WUFI Passive Free

The free version has all the functionality needed to model and certify a project through the Phius program, but it does come with usability limitations. To download WUFI Passive Free from the Fraunhofer Web Shop you must first register for an account.

Time Limited Licenses

Participants in the Phius Certified Consultant (CPHC) Training and the WUFI Passive trainings receive a free eight-week licenses to the full version of WUFI Passive.
Licenses are distributed upon access to the online course materials.

Educational & Student Licenses

Fraunhofer may distribute licenses for educational purposes, learn more on the Fraunhofer webpage.

WUFI Passive Operating System Requirements

WUFI Passive requires Windows OS. If you use a Mac, you must have a working copy of Windows installed. Mac users need to purchase and install VMWare Fusion, Bootcamp, or Parallels 14 or earlier, along with a Windows operating system. VMWare Fusion is recommended.