Zero is the goal. Phius is the means.

Phius is the smartest path to a zero-carbon built environment, certifying the majority of all passive house projects in North America with our locally tailored, globally applicable passive building standard. Learn how you can build comfortable, healthy, cost-efficient buildings for a more resilient world.

About Phius

What We Do

Phius trains and certifies professionals, maintains the Phius climate-specific passive building standard, certifies and quality assures passive buildings, certifies high-performance building products and conducts research to advance high-performance building.

Train and Certify Professionals

Phius trains and certifies four types of professionals: Phius Certified Consultants (CPHC®), Phius Certified Builders (CPHB), Phius Certified Raters and Phius Certified Verifiers.

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Set the Standard for Passive

The Phius standards guide the successful design and construction of passive building structures worldwide. The standards are locally tailored and globally applicable.

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Certify Products

Phius certifies windows and prefabricated panels (with more categories coming soon) with an eye specifically toward passive building applications.

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Power Passive Building Research

Led by the Phius Technical Committee, our team conducts cutting-edge research to continue the advancement of Phius and passive building.

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Advocate for Passive Building

The Phius Alliance, comprised of local U.S. chapters, is a leading proponent of code and other regulatory changes incorporating passive building standards.

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Getting to Zero Takes All of Us

Phius' mission is to combat climate change by making high-performance passive building the mainstream standard, in the quest for zero. We go beyond professional certification and standards to foster collaboration. Phius plays a key role in policy initiatives that have spurred growth in affordable, multifamily passive housing in the U.S. We also work tirelessly with federal, state and local governments to educate them on the value of incorporating Phius standards into their building codes.

Equip Yourself With Passive Building Resources

Explore resources for professionals, designed to help you successfully bring passive building (passive house) projects to life.
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The Phius Alliance: Leading the Way to Zero

The Phius Alliance is Phius' membership arm, consisting of more than 1,000 industry professionals from across North America. Enjoy unmatched member benefits, including access to a nationwide network of passive building professionals, exclusive resources, and discounts on trainings and events. Already a Phius certified professional? You're automatically a Phius Alliance member.