Maintain Credentials

All you need to know about keeping your Phius professional status active.

Passive building science and zero-energy building continues to grow and evolve, and isn't slowing down any time soon. The continuing education program is designed to ensure that Phius Certified Professionals keep pace with changes to tools, standards, materials and other best practices.

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The Three Paths

All Phius Certified Professionals must maintain their credential to keep up to date with the latest in passive building. By default, all professionals' credentials expire three years after their original certification date. Listed below are three of the options to extend your credential for another three years.

Path 1: Work on a Certified Project

Phius Certified CPHCs, Phius Certified CPHBs, Phius Certified Raters and Phius Certified Verifiers can all extend their credential by taking the lead in their role on a Phius Certified Project.

Path 2: Continue your Education and Earn CEUs

All professionals can renew their credential by completing additional training or continuing education courses. Details for each professional type are listed below.

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Path 3: Take and Pass the Re-Certification Exam

All professionals can renew or re-activate their credential by registering for, taking, and passing the latest version of the of the professional re-certification exam.

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Check Your Status

Log into the Phius Portal to check your Professional Credential Status and Maintenance Fee status.

How to Extend Your Credential

  • Phius Certified Consultants must complete ONE of the following to extend their credential:

    1. Obtain 36 CEUs before their expiration date.
      • CEUs can be earned from any Phius-hosted, Phius Alliance-hosted, or Phius CEU-approved event.
    2. Design Certify a Phius project.
      • Extension is granted when the project is Design Certified.
      • Two CPHCs working on the same project can both renew based on the project, granted that both CPHCs acknowledge the other's contribution.
    3. Take and Pass the CPHC Re-Certification Exam.

Need more CEUs? Check out upcoming webinars, training and other events.

Certification Expire?

Re-Activate your Phius Certified credential by taking and passing the Re-Certification Exam. The registration includes the exam + access to Phius' online on-demand content for each course.

Re-Certification Exam Fee: $150