WUFI® Passive Advanced Single Family

Take your modeling skills to the next level.

WUFI Passive is a powerful tool that can enhance the design and certification of passive building projects if integrated into the design process properly. This course is for WUFI Passive users that want to take their modeling to the next level - learning pro tips to streamline the process and ensure the full capabilities of the software are utilized.
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Course Cost

$400 Phius Alliance Members
$450 General Public

What to Expect

Course Structure

The course consists of two 4-hour sessions on back-to-back days, for a total of 8 hours of live instruction.

Master the Tricks of the Trade

Learn from experienced Phius trainers and WUFI Passive modelers.

In this course, you will explore tips to speed up and optimize your modeling workflows – including insight on supplemental calculators and supporting tools to improve your processes and Phius Certification project submissions.

Hands-On Virtual Learning

This online training includes both instructor-led tutorial style training as well as guided modeling completed by each student. It is split over 2 days to provide flexibility with scheduling and time to digest and apply new skills in a modeling exercise.

Free Access to the Modeling Tool

With course registration, students will receive an 8-week license to the full version of WUFI Passive and WUFI Plus.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Phius certification requirements such as moisture control guidelines and condensation risk analysis that compliment the WUFI Passive energy model
  • Discuss details specific to modeling a single family geometry including takeoff dimensions, multiple zones, attached zones and complex site shading.
  • Learn how to model complex building assemblies, window conditions, custom materials, adjacent zones, variant cases and more.
  • Learn how to model various single family scale mechanical systems including setting up ventilation rates, working with the DHW calculator and accounting for direct-vent appliances.

Operating System Requirements

WUFI Passive requires Windows OS. If you use a Mac, you must have a working copy of Windows installed. Mac users need to purchase and install VMWare Fusion, Bootcamp, or Parallels, along with a Windows operating system. VMWare Fusion is recommended.


Previous introduction to and use of WUFI Passive modeling software is required. If you have not used the software before, consider the 'WUFI Passive for Beginners' course before taking this course.

Continuing Education Credits

AIA (American Institute of Architects)

Earn 7 AIA LU's

Phius CEUs

Earn 8 Phius CEUs