Introduced in 2022, the Contact Phius Form is your VIP entry into Phius' customer support desk (or ticketing system). We've phased out the antique and generic email addresses such as Do not send emails to those addresses with your inquiries; submit a ticket via the Contact Phius Form!

The Contact Phius Form is the optimal method to submit inquiries to the Phius staff, and has the quickest response time. When filling out the form, you'll select a category that routes your ticket to the appropriate internal Phius staff team member (see screenshot below). It's the Phius way!

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Before you submit a follow-up ticket or leave another voicemail…

The Phius team is relatively small, and we do our best to respond to all tickets in a timely manner. That said, we kindly request that you please refrain from submitting multiple tickets and/or voicemails for the same issue. It causes confusion in the system and results in slower response times. 

We care about your questions and concerns, and I promise we are doing all that is humanly possible to resolve and reply to your ticket requests as swiftly as possible. Yes, we do have real-life humans answering your tickets!

A few ticket submission tips from someone on the front lines of most (but not all) tickets:

  • Please read the descriptive text at the beginning of the form. You will find links to self-service options for some frequently asked questions. This includes how to register for an upcoming training or reschedule, access your Phius Alliance discount, self-report your CEUs, and more! Reading this section will likely get you the quickest answer, which is a win-win for everyone. 

  • If you are contacting Phius about a training course you've already registered for, including the course name and start date in the text field of your ticket submission is incredibly helpful.

  • Identify whether you have a technical issue with the Phius Portal or the Training Site and specify this in your ticket. What's the difference, you may ask? The Training Site is where you access your guided training content, Zoom links for live instructor-led sessions, access and submit your exams, and view your grades. Meanwhile, the Phius Portal is where you update information related to your Phius profile such as your email address, business address, and other essential logistics. 

Fun fact: your business name is the only piece of information that you cannot update yourself in the Phius Portal. For this, use Contact Phius. Check out our Ace the Phius Portal blog for a deep dive into everything possible within the Portal. And if you appreciate historical context like I do, read more about Phius's digital expansion through the CRM launch in 2021 here.  

Phius Portal: common issues & questions (and how to resolve them)

How do I reset my password to the Phius Portal?  

I’m so glad you asked! On the login window on the main page of the Phius Portal, simply click the “Don’t remember your password?” link. If you don’t receive a reset password email, Contact us.

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How do I maintain my Phius credential?

Check out Who Wants CEUs? for the scoop on earning continuing education credits and maintaining your credential. Fun fact: There are no fees to maintain your professional certification.

Are you working on a Phius project?

After logging into the portal, check out the "My Projects and Products" tab on the left-hand side of your screen. Unlimited opportunities abound. You can update text fields about your project and even add photos! Read my colleague's blog post on the latest and greatest updates to the Certified Project Review Queue.

If you are ever in doubt, submit a ticket. We want to hear from you. If I don’t have the answer, I know one of my talented team members will.