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Phius is growing, and we all love to see it. With growth comes change, and with change (sometimes) comes scary emails you haven’t seen before telling you that your project is going to be removed from the queue. But don’t panic! We’re still ironing out some kinks in the new review queue. 

In case you missed it, you can find the new review queue here. We recommend bookmarking the queue for ease of access. You can also find the queue under ‘Phase 2’ of the Submit a Project page (Note: log into your account using the ‘LOGIN’ button in the top right of the page to expedite the process).

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So…what’s changed and why? Let’s dive in. 

Previously Google Sheets-based, the queue will now be integrated with our internal management platform, Zoho. Through Google, staff was responsible for manually copying and transferring project information every time a project was submitted, which required sifting through nearly 2,000 rows of cells and cross-checking Dropbox, Zoho, and the existing queue record to verify the submission. Now, we still do some cross-checking to verify the submission, but approval happens at the click of a button, and Zoho does the rest.

Although project timelines and feedback turnaround dates will remain the same, project due dates will be enforced more now than ever before, specifically the ‘Upload required’ date. This date will vary based on the round of design review. Round 1 reviews have an upload required date 3 weeks before feedback is due to be returned. Round 2+ reviews have an upload required date 2 weeks before feedback is due to be returned. Expedite reviews have an upload required date 1 week before feedback is due to be returned. Going forward, project teams will have two chances to upload documentation by the set date before the project is removed from the queue, requiring resubmission. Your team will be notified via an automated email one week before the required upload date and again if the upload date is missed. 

The queue updates every three hours. As previously mentioned, the submissions need to be approved by Phius staff, so if you submit your project on a weekend or outside of regular business hours, don’t fret if you don’t see your project appear in the queue right away. In general, give it until the next business day. If you still don’t see your project in the queue, just reach out and we’ll be happy to look into it. 

The queue now has a search function! Simply enter your 4-digit project number that was issued during Milestone 1: Project Registered. If the project does not appear in the list, that means it has not yet been submitted to Phius for review. 

In addition to the round of review, the project stage will include either ‘Phius’ or ‘Pending Client’. If the project stage is marked ‘Phius’ and the ‘Upload required’ date has already passed, the project is actively undergoing review. Projects marked ‘Pending Client’ have been submitted for review, but have not provided sufficient documentation by the original ‘Upload required’ date, and will automatically be removed from the review queue if the next upload date is missed.

All in all, the new review queue is all about automation and is meant to redirect our time handling backend tasks and emails toward giving our project teams meaningful, quality feedback. We hope these new processes will assist our CPHCs and our Project Certifiers stay more organized and keep to a solid timeline when it comes to project reviews. 

Change often comes with frustration and imperfections. This transition is new not only for our clients, but also for our staff. If you receive an automated email that you’re unsure about, confused about, or believe to have been sent by mistake, just ask! We appreciate your patience and assistance in helping us fine-tune these new processes to better serve our Phius Phamily.