Verifier Exam Details

Exam Overview

The exam is an all-online, open-book, multiple choice exam delivered via Phius' training site. Students have a one-week window to complete the one-hour exam. There are two options: Baseline and Baseline + Multifamily Designation.

The Baseline Exam

This exam is intended for all students who wish to achieve the Phius Certified Verifier designation. This designation qualifies the professional to verify non-residential projects.

Adding the Multifamily Designation

For professionals who also wish to work on Multifamily projects, additional pre-requisite training is required. Students who qualify for and pass this portion of the exam are qualified to work on both multifamily and non-residential buildings. If a Phius Certified Verifier without the multifamily designation wishes to verify multifamily projects, they can apply to take the Phius Certified Verifier Multifamily Designation Exam at any time and must meet all pre-requisites.

Apply to take the Phius Certified Verifier Exam

Please review prerequisites below and prepare documentation before applying.
Upon acceptance you will receive a direct registration link via email.

Qualifications for the Two Versions of the Verifier Exam

  • Requirements:

    1. Completion of Phius Certified Verifier Course 
    2. Proof of verification and/or commissioning experience for commercial, nonresidential, or multifamily buildings 

Need to Reschedule or Retake your Exam? No problem.

Certification Expire?

Re-activate your Phius Certified Verifier credential by passing the Recertification Exam. The registration includes access to the Phius Certified Verifier on-demand background training content.

Re-Certification Exam Fee: $150