PhiusCon and Beyond

We host PhiusCon — the largest annual passive building conference in North America — as well as specialized summits focused on different aspects of passive building.


PhiusCon (formerly North American Passive House Conference) is Phius' flagship annual event. It attracts hundreds of passive building enthusiasts from across the world. The four-day conference includes presentations from the top minds in the industry and is a catalyst for the advancement of passive building. PhiusCon's location moves each year, with PhiusCon 2023 slated for Houston.

Spring Summits

We also host virtual summits that offer a deeper dive into particular topics related to passive building. The Phius Mechanical Summit was held in 2021, the Phius Developer's Summit took place in Spring of 2022, and the Phius Retrofit Summit took place in March of 2023. The 2024 Phius Policy Summit is scheduled for April 16-17.

A Glimpse of PhiusCon

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