The Windy City can be a daunting place, but with our airtight envelopes and triple-pane windows, we at Phius are well equipped to handle Chicago’s bluster.

With Chicago as the site for PhiusCon 2022 (Oct. 25-28 at the Palmer House Hotel), we thought it appropriate to select four leading local practitioners to the jury for our annual Phius Passive Projects Design Competition. Each brought with them a unique perspective, making the collective a well-rounded group of judges. 

Learn more about our esteemed panel of Midwestern jurors for the 8th Annual Phius Passive Projects Design Competition below.

Tom Bassett-Dilley is a founding member and past president of the Phius Alliance Chicago Chapter and currently serves as the Midwest Regional Phius Alliance rep. As owner of Tom Bassett-Dilley Architects, he is also one of the most active Phius Certified Consultants (CPHC®) in the Midwest. He will be presenting during three separate sessions at PhiusCon 2022 in addition to serving as a juror for the Phius Design Competition.

Fellow juror and high-performance building expert Lindsey Elton will be sharing her expertise during several Core Conference sessions as well. Her company, Eco Achievers, assists project teams in constructing high-performance buildings to meet a number of standards, including Phius. She worked on some of the first Phius projects in Illinois and is the Co-Vice President of the Phius Alliance Chicago Chapter. 

548 Capital & 548 Development Founder & CEO AJ Patton will be on hand at PhiusCon to discuss Galeria 89, an exciting affordable housing development in Chicago, alongside Doug Farr, Founder & Principal of Chicago-based Farr Associates. Patton will also lend his voice to a panel of developers on creating equitable communities. He is also one of our esteemed Phius Design Competition jurors.

Susan King, Principal of HED, is also a member of the design competition jury, contributing her vast expertise in sustainable design and housing across the Midwest. Her work in Chicago includes assisting in the reimagining of the historic portion of Lathrop, one of the last Chicago Housing Authority Transformation Plans.

In selecting Chicago as the host city for PhiusCon 2022, we saw an opportunity to highlight a city and region that is brimming with activity and home to some of the top voices in the high-performance industry. Attendees will get a glimpse into the progress being made in Chicago and the Midwest, and will hopefully bring home with them plenty of ideas on how to replicate that progress in their own communities.

With the recent adoption and forthcoming enforcement of Chicago’s 2022 Energy Transformation Code, the Phius footprint in the Second City only figures to grow. In the code, the Phius 2021 standard has been added as an alternative compliance path for projects in the city. The announcement of the new code from the City states that the Phius standard is, “widely recognized throughout the United States for balancing aggressive energy and carbon reduction targets with cost-effectiveness.”

The local flair at this year’s conference isn’t exclusive to our Design Competition Jurors, as Alicia Ponce, Founder and Principal of Chicago-based architecture firm APMonarch, is set to deliver the opening remarks on the first day of Core Conference Oct. 27. Conference sessions will also include a number of local case studies and other Midwest-specific content.

Chicago and the Midwest are teeming with passive building activity and possibilities, and with a large portion of the community set to convene in the Second City, those possibilities should spread quickly across the country and beyond.