2022 Winners

Below are the projects recognized as winners in the 2022 Passive Projects Design Competition

Best Overall Project

425 Grand Concourse | Bronx, New York

Architect: Dattner Architects; Builder: Monadnock Construction; CPHC: Lois Arena; Phius Rater/Verifier: Michael O’Donnell; Owner/Developer: Trinity Financial

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Single-Family Winner

Fifth Street Passive House | Boise, Idaho

Architect: VY Architecture; Builder: King Building & Remodeling; CPHC: Scott Yribar; Phius Rater/Verifier: John Reuter; Owner/Developer: Skylar Swinford

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Single-Family Honorable Mention

Harrison Street Infill | Washington, DC

Architect: Robin McGrew; Builder: AllenBuilt, Inc., John Allen; CPHC: Robin McGrew; Phius Rater/Verifier: Conway Energy, Chris Conway; Owner/Developer: Robin and Wes McGrew

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High-Rise Multifamily Honorable Mention

4697 Third Avenue | Bronx, New York

Architect: Curtis + Ginsberg Architects; Builder: HomeBuilders; CPHC: Steven Winter Associates; Phius Rater/Verifier: Steven Winter Associates; Owner/Developer: Bronx Pro Group

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Low-Rise Multifamily Winner

Old Colony Phase 3C | Boston, Massachusetts

Architect: The Architectural Team, Inc.; Builder: Dimeo Construction Company; CPHC: New Ecology, Inc.; Phius Rater/Verifier: New Ecology, Inc.; Owner/Developer: Beacon Communities, LLC

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Low-Rise Multifamily Honorable Mention

Oak Tree Village | Griswold, Connecticut

Architect: Jesse Thompson - Kaplan Thompson Architects; Builder: Dakota Partners; CPHC: Kai Fast - Kaplan Thompson Architects; Phius Rater/Verifier: Nicole Burger; Owner/Developer: Dakota Partners

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Commercial/Institutional Winner

Doig River Cultural Center | Moberly Lake, British Columbia

Architect: Peter Hildebrand; Builder: Erik Olofsson; CPHC: Brittany Coughlin; Phius Rater/Verifier: Kathleen Narbonne; Owner/Developer: Doig River First Nations

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Commercial/Institutional Honorable Mention

Bowdoin College Schiller Coastal Studies Center | Harpswell, Maine

Architect: Centerbook Architects & Planners; Builder: JF Scott; CPHC: Thornton Tomasetti; Phius Rater/Verifier: SGH; Owner/Developer: Bowdoin College

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Retrofit Winner

Theresa Passive House | Austin, Texas

Architect: Trey Farmer - Forge Craft Architecture; Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architect; Builder: CleanTag LLC; CPHC: Trey Farmer; Phius Rater/Verifier: Ned Fisher - ATS; Owner/Developer: Trey Farmer and Adrienne Farmer

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Retrofit Honorable Mention

Forever House | Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Architect: CGA Studio / Christina Griffin Architect P.C.; Builder: CGA Studio / Christina Griffin Architect P.C.; CPHC: Christina Griffin; Phius Rater/Verifier: Integral Building & Design / Tony Lisanti; Owner/Developer: Christina Griffin & Peter Wolf

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Source Zero Winner

Acton Passive House | Acton, Massachusetts

Architect: ZeroEnergy Design; Builder: Adams + Beasley Associates; CPHC: Jordan Goldman, ZeroEnergy Design; Phius Rater/Verifier: Mike Browne, Advance Building Analysis

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Source Zero Honorable Mention

pipsqueak Passive House | Salt Lake City, Utah

Architect: Brach Design Architecture; Builder: Domain LLC; CPHC: Tom Candee; Phius Rater/Verifier: Dave Brach; Owner/Developer: Cari Pinkowski

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Best Project by a Young Professional

Santaella Gardens | Bronx, New York

Architect: Dattner Architects; Builder: Monadnock; CPHC: Bright Power; Phius Rater/Verifier: Bright Power; Owner/Developer: Phipps Houses/Acacia Network

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Community Development Recognition

Willow Creek Rentals | Hartford, Connecticut

Architect: Crosskey Architects; Builder: Viking Construction; CPHC: Thomas Moore; Phius Rater/Verifier: Karla Butterfield; Owner/Developer: JHM Group

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