2024 Phius Policy Summit

The 2024 Phius Policy Summit explored the role policies play in fostering widespread adoption of Phius projects.

Harnessing Policy to Promote Passive Building

The two-day 2024 Phius Policy Summit illustrated the ways in which policies remove barriers to Phius projects and demonstrated how the work being done to advance these policies is paving the way for widespread adoption of Phius projects. Attendees received an inside look at work being done in a variety of states and were equipped with the tools needed to take action. Phius Policy Specialist Isaac Elnecave and Phius Policy Associate Zoe Rader hosted.

Summit Schedule

April 16: Removing Barriers to Building Passive

Our distinguished panel of speakers discussed various policy endeavors in Minnesota -- including a successful QAP effort -- how to design policies that encourage developers to build to Phius, and work on the Chicago alternative compliance code. Speakers on day one were: Elizabeth Turner, architect and sustainability consultant at Precipitate; Sean Meyers, Principal of Threshold Development Group; and Katie Kaluzny, the Deputy Director of the Illinois Green Alliance.

April 17: Converting Policies to Projects

Day two of the summit provided attendees with an inside look at what went into Massachusetts creating the opt-in stretch code that requires passive certification for almost all multifamily projects, and included discussion on how to encourage low-income housing developers to build to the Phius standard. Presenters on day two included: Beverly Craig, program director at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center; and Lauren Westmoreland, vice president of energy and sustainability for the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF).

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