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Getting Started: Choosing a Path to Certification

Phius offers two paths to certification for fenestration products: the Blue Path and the Orange Path. Both options produce product certificates with data that is functionally equivalent for manufacturers. Neither path is superior to the other, and both are easy to pursue.

Blue Path

Leverage your existing NFRC certification and CPD listings

Manufacturers who are listed in the NFRC CPD are encouraged to use the Blue Path to certification. Any product with an active CPD number is eligible. Save time and cost by working with one of our Phius-Trained, NFRC-Accredited Blue Path Simulators to convert your NFRC testing to Phius certificates! To get started via the Blue Path, simply contact a Blue Path simulator from the directory linked below:

Get started: contact a Phius Blue Path Simulator

Orange Path

No existing certifications or physical testing required

Don't have NFRC CPD numbers? That's ok! You can certify your products via the Phius Orange Path. One of our in-house or Phius-trained simulators will model your products using LBNL software. Click the link below to contact our Product Certification Team to get started.

Get started: contact the Phius team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. Phius only certifies complete products. Component-only performance data is not useful for energy modeling, as the performance of any one part of a fenestration product is heavily influenced by the others. Significant changes in frame U-value, for example, emerge when it is paired with an insulated glass unit. Phius certification provides the product-specific frame, glass, and spacer performance values for modeling a window or door's performance at actual size; this is not possible using frame-only or glass-only performance values.

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