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WUFI Passive Training 

Up to 21 AIA HSW Up to 21 CPHC CEU

WUFI Passive software, developed by Fraunhofer IBP in partnership with PHIUS and Owens Corning, is the most powerful passive building modeling tool on the market.

WUFI Passive offers important capabilities previously unavailable to passive building designers. With this software you can:

  • Model your building to meet the PHIUS+ Certification performance standard.
  • Access WUFI Passive's built-in hygrothermal modeling capabilities and toggle between static and dynamic modeling modes.
  • Generate polished reports for clients and certification documentation.

Even if you only use WUFI Passive in static mode, you'll get the modeling capabilities you're already familiar with, plus a sophisticated graphical user interface, multi-zone modeling, and 3D import from SketchUp (and in the near future also from REVIT and other tools). WUFI Passive also allows for copying and retaining of multiple optimization cases for comparison and automated professional reports of all the data that you need to communicate to your client. With WUFI Passive it’s easy to toggle between metric and IP anytime during the process. 

Operating System Requirements: WUFI Passive requires Windows OS. If you use a Mac, you must have a working copy of Windows installed.

Mac users need to purchase and install VMWare Fusion, Bootcamp, or Parallels, along with a Windows operating system. VMWare Fusion is recommended.


Trainings Offered

WUFI Passive (Static Modeling)

WUFI Passive static is the energy model used for PHIUS+ Certification compliance. This workshop is intended both for those learning WUFI Passive for the first time, and as a refresher for users who wish to sharpen their skills. This in-class instruction session includes both tutorial style training as well as instructor-guided modeling completed by each student. A sample single family and multi-family project will be modeled according to PHIUS+ Certification protocols. 

Advanced WUFI Plus (Dynamic Modeling)

The training focuses on both the dynamic and hygrothermal modeling capabilities of WUFI Plus. The in-class session includes tutorial style training as well as hands-on group work using WUFIplus to solve unique project-specific questions suggested by students and presenting findings to the class. Dynamic modeling is recommended on projects when comfort and heating need to be assessed, cooling/moisture loads are high, heating set-points vary significantly throughout the heating period, or occupancy and indoor conditions vary considerably.  

These trainings qualify for 1 AIA HSW and 1 CPHC CEU per hour of instruction.


Training Schedule

Location Dates Times Info/Fees

WUFI Passive (Static Modeling) and/or
Advanced WUFI Plus (Dynamic Modeling)

Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon

Please email with any questions.


WUFI Passive (Static Modeling) (1.5 days)

  • PHAUS Member: $350
  • Non-Member: $375

Advanced WUFI Plus (Dynamic Modeling) (2 days)

  • PHAUS Member: $450
  • Non-Member: $500

Combined WUFI Passive Static/ WUFI Passive/Plus Dynamic (3.5 days)

  • PHAUS Member: $800
  • Non-Member: $875


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