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Massachusetts Project Teams

You may be eligible for partial reimbursement for training fees from the Mass Save project. Click the logo for more information, and you can apply using this form.

Continuing Education

Rater Training Earns


PHIUS+ Raters focus on single-family residential projects. The course is geared toward experienced RESNET and BPI professionals, and provides grounding in passive building principles as well as a guide to onsite quality assurance for the PHIUS+ program. 

Some topics include:

  • Enclosure integrity design strategies
  • Passive building mechanical/ventilation systems
  • On-site verification of passive building construction features
  • Airtightness/blower door testing protocols

This training is delivered live, online over three days. Each session is three hours. Upon registration, students will receive a login to the PHIUS Training Portal. 

The course concludes with an exam. Successfully completing the course and exam qualifies the trainee as a PHIUS+ Rater.  

Please note that Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC®) are eligible to become PHIUS+ Raters, but cannot rate their own projects.

Training Schedule

Location Dates Times
November | Online Nov 8 - 12 2:00pm - 5:00pm ET


Admission Requirements and Registration

Admission is not guaranteed. Candidates should possess some combination of the following experience:

  • Professionals with low-rise residential energy efficiency certifications such as RESNET Rater or BPI Analyst.
  • Professionals with on-site verification experience working with ENERGY STAR, LEED for Homes, and/or similar programs.
  • Professionals with architecture, engineering, building science, construction management, or other similar experience who have background knowledge and experience in high performance design, construction, and on-site verification for single-family residential buildings.

Apply for Admission Today

1. Fill out the form below and include the following:

  • Resume or CV describing relevant experience and/or professional certifications, as well as details about your current company (if applicable) and current RESNET/BPI status and standing (if applicable).
  • Proof of liability insurance.
  • Current/past providers’ contact information with dates of when they were your provider.
  • Example report of a rating that you presented to a client.

2. After your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email with your admission status.

3. Once admitted, use the registration form below to enroll and pay the registration fee.


  • PHAUS Member: $450
  • Non-Member: $500


Please apply for admission following the instructions above. Once you have received an acceptance email from, proceed to registration and payment below.

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Maintaining the PHIUS+ Rater Credential 

PHIUS+ Raters will be issued a yearly email requesting that they submit the annual Rater agreement to PHIUS. Any questions or issues should be reported to PHIUS as soon as possible by emailing

In order to maintain/extend their standing, a Rater must complete and return the annual Rater agreement to PHIUS at the beginning of each year (January 15th). They must also maintain their status as a Certified HERS Rater in good standing with RESNET and a Quality Assurance Provider in order to be renewed. (Exception: CA and AK Raters must maintain status with their state-sponsored ratings systems and providers). 

A nominal maintenance fee will be billed on a yearly basis starting on January 15, 2018. One listing fee will be due per professional regardless of the number of certified credentials held by that professional. (For example a CPHC® who is also a Builder, will be subject to a single maintenance fee. The fee will help maintain and improve the listing database and assist in the development of the continuing education programs for all professionals.

In addition, Raters must also complete one (1) of the following four activities to maintain their status:

  1. Rate a PHIUS+ Certified Passive Building Project. In combination with the annual Rater agreement, this will extend the current expiration date to January 15th of the next year.
  2. Attend the 2-Day core conference of the PHIUS North American Passive House Conference. In combination with the annual Rater agreement, this will extend the current expiration date to January 15th of the next year.
  3. Attend the PHIUS CPHC training. In combination with the annual Rater agreement, this will extend the current expiration date to January 15th of the next year.
  4. Attend and complete the PHIUS+ Rater/Verifier Webinar and online quiz offered in December. In combination with the annual Verifier agreement, this will extend the current expiration date to January 15th of the next year.

If Rater Certification Expires

  • A Rater who fails to meet one of the above requirements by January 15th of each year will be removed from the Rater database.
  • A professional whose Rater status has expired can reactivate certification by taking and passing the current Rater exam.

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