In this week's blog, Phius Project Certification Manager James Ortega introduces the latest version of the Phius Certification Guidebook.

The Phius Certification Guidebook is the one-stop-shop for all things related to the Phius project certification program. 

The Guidebook contains information ranging from Tips for Designing a Low Cost Passive Building to Energy Modeling Protocols and What to Avoid. It continues to evolve alongside Phius’ growing certification program and standard updates – including the newly released v3.1 to support updates to Phius 2021.

One of the many reasons to certify a project is to share knowledge with the passive building community to accelerate growth. This Guidebook is the keeper of that knowledge as well as lessons learned from the expanding base of certified projects. The Phius Certification team receives a variety of questions from project teams dealing with unique circumstances and first-time design decisions that often require the development of new guidelines and protocols to be applied on future projects -- which end up in the Guidebook. On top of that, the detailed review of projects throughout design and construction illuminates opportunities for the certification team to improve the guidance we provide to our constituents. 

The Guidebook is a key resource for Phius professionals, but we’re often told it’s too long. But I assure you it can feel much shorter – and be incredibly useful – if you know how to navigate it. So see what’s new in this Record of Updates summary document that outlines what is new and updated in v3.1.

Each iteration of the Guidebook reflects the aggregate knowledge gained by your efforts. Thank you!

View Guidebook Here