We are asking for your help in maintaining the Phius Certified Project Database as a valuable resource for passive professionals, members of the press, and policy makers.

There are currently numerous project listings missing a large amount of information, data and/or images, so we are asking all Phius Professionals who have a project listed in the database to please review their listing(s) and add any missing photos or data using the Phius Portal.

If you have a project listed in our database, it only takes a few minutes to check it and fill in all the proper information. Completing your project's listing is not only beneficial to you and your team by properly showcasing your work, but also to the greater passive building community by sharing critical data that will help inform the decisions of future project teams – that's what our mission is all about. Policy makers also use the projects database, as do reporters.

Even if you believe your listing is up to date, we are requesting you review it, because new data fields were added when our updated website launched several months ago. If your listing does not currently contain images, please use the portal to upload an image/rendering of the project so it is properly featured.

How to Edit Your Listing

  1. Log in to the new Phius Portal
  2. Navigate to the “My Projects & Products” tab
  3. Locate the project associated with your account you would like to edit from the list
  4. Click the teal “EDIT” button in the far-right column to view and add information for that listing

For assistance updating your project listing in the portal, watch this short tutorial video. If you are still having issues accessing or using the portal, please reach out to us using this form.

The only way for passive building to continue to grow is for professionals to be able to lean on the experiences of past project teams as they traverse new and unexpected challenges. Your help in filling out the Phius Certified Project Database will go a long way in making that happen. 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Project Database Editing Tutorial

Watch the short video below for instructions on how to update your listing