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WUFI® Passive 3.2

WUFI® Passive V. validation using ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 140-2017

Download WUFI Passive Free or purchase the full version of WUFI Passive 3.2

WUFI® Passive software can be ordered online directly from the Fraunhofer Web Shop. 

  • To download WUFI Passive Free, follow these instructionsPlease note: You must first register for a free user account at the Web Shop. 
  • Licenses for the fully featured version of WUFI Passive 3.2 are also available for purchase from the Web Shop. WUFI Passive licenses are available in one-year, three-year, or 10-year periods, and include automatic updates for the duration of the license. Participants in the PHIUS CPHC Training and the standalone WUFI Passive training receive a free eight-week license to use WUFI Passive.

Get started with these WUFI Passive Tutorials

WUFI Passive Training

PHIUS offers WUFI® Passive workshops for CPHCs and other professionals who have a solid grounding in energy modeling and/or the other WUFI products available from Fraunhofer. For more information, visit the WUFI Passive Training page

WUFI® Passive is a powerful user-friendly passive building energy modeling software tool that is uniquely suited to the North American market. 

Fraunhofer IBP collaborated with PHIUS and Owens Corning to develop WUFI Passive using PHIUS data and expertise to produce a tool suited to North America's varying climate zones. WUFI Passive dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of the design process for Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC®). Since 2013, PHIUS CPHC training has included in-class instruction on WUFI Passive. PHIUS also offers standalone WUFI Passive trainings (see sidebar).

WUFI Passive 3.2 includes the Climate-Specific PHIUS+ 2018 Passive Building Standard

Now with the release of WUFI Passive 3.2, a free version is available at no charge: 

  • WUFI Passive Free has all the functionality needed to model and certify a project through the PHIUS+ program.
  • Follow these instructions to download WUFI Passive Free from the Fraunhofer Web Shop (you must first register for a free user account at the Web Shop).
  • WUFI Passive Free does not include certain advanced features of the paid version of the software, such as user defined database entries, SketchUp/GBXML Import, results export capabilities, and hygrothermal analysis for components. Licenses for the fully featured version of WUFI Passive are available for purchase from the Web Shop.

WUFI Passive combines passive building energy modeling with WUFI’s famed hygrothermal analysis power--which is essential to preventing moisture issues and optimizing for cooling/dehumidification conditions.

  • Offers the ability to switch between static modeling and dynamic modeling, which is critical to many scenarios including commercial projects, where use patters vary substantially, and in highly variable climates.
  • Toggles seamlessly from metric to inch-pound units, with no cumbersome workarounds.
  • Employs a robust, user-friendly graphical user interface that is compatible with Google SketchUp.
  • Provides the power to quickly generate high quality reports and graphic results outputs to communicate to clients.

Check out this blog to see what's new to version 3.2: 1

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