This year’s Phius spring summit will tackle the ever-present and highly complex topic of high-performance retrofits.

The goal of the Phius Retrofit Summit 2023 (Tuesday, March 21 & Thursday, March 23 from 4-6 p.m. CT) is to bring together top high-performance building practitioners and Phius technical staff members to lay the foundation for the future of retrofits. We know it is imperative that we upgrade the existing building stock, but where do we start? Can a leaky, 100-year-old building be brought up to Phius standards? Does it need to be? Where does panelization fit into the picture? What about embodied carbon?

We don’t have answers to all these questions, but by reflecting on retrofit strategies that have proven effective and how they fit into future retrofit frameworks such as the Phius REVIVE Pilot, we hope to provide a clearer picture of the future of deep energy retrofits.

Day one of the online event (March 21) will feature a panel of practitioners who have each completed successful Phius retrofits. They will share case studies of their retrofit projects, and audience members will have an opportunity to ask them questions during a Q&A session. 

Panelists currently scheduled to appear include:

As we move forward in the effort to expand retrofits, the input of the practitioners who have experienced the challenges and triumphs firsthand is invaluable. While the framework and targets will evolve, their unique points of view will be vital as we plot our path forward.

On day two (March 23), we will set our sights on the future of retrofits, as several members of the Phius technical staff will provide an inside look at the new Phius REVIVE retrofit standard that is currently under development. Attendees will hear from the main architects of the new standard:

Almost no two retrofit projects are created equal, and the new Phius REVIVE framework is being developed in a way that will offer a sensible, efficient path to drastic energy efficiency improvements for each individual project. It is designed to balance cost (both monetary and carbon) with efficiency improvements to create targets that make the upgrades both manageable and worthwhile – the same logic behind the cost-optimization and climate adaptivity of all Phius Standards. (And yes, this does mean it is possible for projects to be certified under the new Phius REVIVE framework without reaching the traditional Phius CORE targets – tune into the Summit to learn more!). 

There is also special virtual content planned for Wednesday, March 22 (between the two official Retrofit Summit days), so be on the lookout for an announcement coming soon!

Creating a replicable model for deep energy retrofits is no small undertaking, but by weaving together proven retrofit strategies with the latest in the development of Phius’ new REVIVE framework, we believe it is possible. Join us for the Phius Retrofit Summit 2023 to be part of the solution!

Zero is the goal. Phius is the means.