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PHIUS Verified Building System / Panel System Program Overview

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) developed the voluntary Certified Building System / Panel System Program to make verified performance data for opaque building components (which may include windows and doors) readily available to passive building practitioners. The scope may comprise a full construction system, or a partial system such as a wall, roof, or foundation. Manufacturers who have their building / panel system performance data certified by PHIUS are able to better position their products in the marketplace by providing practitioners with the information they need to specify high-performance products in their projects.

Certified products receive a program-specific PHIUS product performance data certification mark upon completion of the certification process. The certified product performance values will be published to the PHIUS Certified Building System / Panel System Database. These verified performance values are also periodically released in database files suitable for import to the WUFI® Passive building simulation modeling tool.

The program verifies that the system design addresses the four critical control functions of a building enclosure: water control, air control, water vapor control, and thermal control, as well as a minimum level of “critter control” (for insects and rodents). The program also verifies that the system is low-risk for moisture problems.

For most of these functions, the required performance varies with climate. Certification may be sought for one or more climate zones. The climate zone system used follows the ENERGY STAR / Building America map: Subarctic, Very Cold, Cold, Mixed-Humid, Marine, Mixed-Dry, Hot-Dry, and Hot-Humid. For more information, view the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building Science-Based Climate Maps

The Building System / Panel System Program produces certified energy performance data for passive building modeling and planning purposes. The program also verifies that the building / panel system does not use materials threatening to indoor air quality, and analyzes the environmental impact of the system’s manufacturing process. There are multiple options and an extended grace period for fulfilling the environmental impact requirement.

Certified Panels

For more information, and to submit your product to the program, please download the PHIUS Certified Building System / Panel System Program: Requirements, Methods and Application Agreement document from the right sidebar.

For more information about the program, or if you have any questions, please contact Graham Wright, Senior Scientist and Product Program Manager, at

The first system certified under the program is SHIELD(tm) Panels by Guardian Structural Technologies.

Image Source: EnergieSprong EU-UK whitepaper Transition Zero, p.10

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