Mark Smith joined Phius on July 24, 2023 as a Quality Assurance Associate. He grew up in Montana, completed his undergraduate degree at Oregon State University, graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and served a 22-year Army career (12 of which were as an instructor at the US Military Academy, West Point). He then spent four years as a Project Engineer for Walsh Construction Co. in Seattle, and prior to joining Phius, spent 18 months as a Junior ROTC instructor teaching high school students about leadership and becoming better citizens. 

He is a Phius Certified Consultant, Phius Certified Builder, and while working with Walsh Construction served as the Project Engineer on Hobson Place, where Hobson Place South (a 92,000-square-foot, 92-unit building with a 26,000-square-foot integrated physical and behavioral healthcare clinic) was built to passive standards.