Lisa White is the Co-Director and a technical lead for Phius.  

Ms. White has been with Phius since 2012. She led the building certification review team for seven years and is an instructor for Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®) training and WUFI® Passive energy modeling software training. She holds a degree in Environmental Sustainability with a minor in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Master’s in Energy Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ms. White has a strong understanding of high-performance building design and how this is integral to the transition to a renewable energy grid. Her Masters’ thesis posed the question “What do Net Zero Buildings Cost the Grid?”, combining the concepts behind how building loads are shaped, how design techniques can alter that shape, and how that ultimately impacts the electricity generation resources needed to meet the load – all while considering the shift to more intermittent, renewable energy resources. Ultimately, this research concludes that energy conservation and demand response in buildings is a critical up-front investment to facilitate this transition.

At Phius, White works on the development of new and existing professional training courses and has delivered professional training to more than 800 students. She has taught introductory and advanced seminars at professional conferences and universities nationwide, including guest lecturing at the Harvard Extension School. She is a longtime member of Phius’ technical committee and was instrumental in the development of the Phius+ 2015 Climate-Specific Passive Building standard, followed by the 2018 and 2021 updates. Alongside standards development and research, White works directly with the Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics to develop and implement new key features into the WUFI Passive energy modeling software that Phius uses for passive building certification. While in her previous role as Certification Manager, Ms. White reviewed and provided feedback on energy models, drawings, details, planned mechanical systems, etc. to more than 500 project teams working on passive building designs across the world.

Ms. White has written and co-authored many publications, the most recent being a cover-featured article in the ASHRAE High Performing Buildings magazine. She has presented at numerous national and international conferences on topics related to grid-friendly buildings, assessing resiliency and passive survivability, measured data for high performance and net zero buildings.