In this week’s blog, Phius Co-Founder and Executive Director discusses the freshly overhauled Phius website and what it means for the organization moving forward.

Say goodbye to Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) and say hello to Phius.

The recent launch of the revamped Phius website represents a significant step in the ongoing evolution of our organization. It provides a simplified user experience, intuitive search function, overhauled Certified Project Database, a brand new Resource Library, and much much more. But perhaps more important than those things is that it represents the official launch of our brand update, which has been in process for some time.

We began reimagining the Phius brand several years ago with an eye toward the future and a goal of being adaptable in an ever-changing industry. We have rolled out a number of other updates in recent months, including our new color scheme, updated language and Proper case name (no caps lock necessary!), but the website launch is a culmination of all these efforts into one centralized place.

The site is much more powerful than its predecessor, largely due to its connection to our new centralized data management system, allowing users to view events, resources, trainings and project info as soon as they come available. Searching for and finding the right Phius Certified Professional for you has also never been easier, with our new and improved Find a Professional database.

Equally as important as the improved functionality is the updated information on some of our most heavily visited pages such as What is Passive Building, Passive Building Principles, Passive Building FAQs, Phius Mission/Vision and more. The high-performance building industry and quest for Zero are not static, so we are proud to have information that accurately portrays our work and passive building as a whole.

With the updated Phius website also comes a new Phius Alliance site, featuring the same visual upgrades and ease-of-navigation as the main site. Users can easily find a local chapter, view information about exclusive member events and learn more about Alliance membership. Alliance members (and soon all Phius professionals) can also access our new Portal, which can be used to keep track of all things Phius and Phius Alliance.

Countless hours of hard work went into creating this new website, and we are extremely proud of the result. We hope it serves as your hub for everything passive building related, and we will continue working to make sure it is a valuable resource for industry professionals and beyond.