Cody Farmer

VP MainStream Corporation

Cody Farmer is Vice President of MainStream Corporation, a Passive House consultancy based in Colorado providing energy modeling, envelope and mechanical services for commercial, multifamily and the custom residential market.  As one of the first professionals trained from PHIUS in 2010, Cody lead the construction and design of Passivista, an affordable custom Passive House and shortly after Travelers Rest, a massive PHIUS certified multi generational house with a lap pool.  MainStream has since lead the Passive House consulting and construction implementation for: Nantes Passive inspired Library, Greenspire 44 unit apartment building, Pelican Lake Maintenance building and Berthoud Public Works building.  With a background in business, technology and construction, Cody brings with him a depth of understanding and communicating the technical 'why & how' in nearly every Passive House principle.