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Intro to THERM Workshop

Continuing Education Credits

  • 10 CPHC® CEUs
  • 10 AIA LUs

THERM is a two-dimensional heat transfer model used to assess the thermal performance of building components and connections between building components. Passive building design emphasizes the importance of the thermal enclosure and encourages continuous insulation at all junctions in the enclosure. If a connection detail does not have continuous insulation, the linear heat loss at that connection should be quantified via modeling and calculation. This process can be used to iterate and minimize loss at tricky connection points and to quantify the linear heat transfer coefficient for whole building energy modeling.

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of thermal bridges, how and why they’re calculated, be able to quantify the linear heat transfer at component connection details, analyze those results, iterate to improve the detail, and create a thermal bridge report that could be used in a Phius Project Certification submission. You’ll also be taken through a step-by-step guide to review and troubleshoot your calculated details, ensuring that you’re equipped with the tools you need to be confident with your results.

The course will be made up of live presentations,  instructor-led tutorials through the software where students are encouraged to follow along, and group workshop sessions for students to review and analyze results for pre-calculated details and gear up to calculate their own details.

Course Materials: 

The course will be hosted on PHIUS’ training site and all materials will be available in the online course.

Software: The LBNL THERM software is free. A download link will be provided upon registration to the class.

Presentations: PDF presentations of the content will be provided to all students as well as a detailed checklist that outlines all of the key steps required to generate and review THERM files to add to your professional toolbox.

Psi-Value Calculator: The Phius thermal bridge psi-value calculator will be provided to all students in an Excel format.

Sample THERM Files: A package of modeled and fully calculated typical details will be provided to all students as a resource for continued study.


Location Class Dates Times Info/Fees
Jan 2022 Jan 24
Jan 26
Jan 28
12 pm to 4 pm EST
12 pm to 4 pm EST
12 pm to 3 pm EST

Non-member: $450

Member: $350


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