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Upgrade your knowledge and credentials in half the time. And at half the cost.

If you weren't certified by PHIUS, you haven’t actually earned the CPHC® credential (which is a registered trademark of Passive House Institute US). To remedy that, PHIUS now offers a special program for PHI-certified professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge and earn the CPHC® credential.

PHIUS vs PHI Training and Certification:

The accelerated program covers three critical gaps between PHIUS and PHI training and certification:  

  1. Designing for a cost-optimized, climate specific standard derived wholly differently than the Passivhaus standard.
  2. Modeling performance using WUFI Passive, a powerful software tool that provides dynamic modeling, hygrothermal performance and comfort analysis. On the business side, WUFI Passive helps manage risk, and provides powerful reporting tools that help communicate the value of building passive. (The PHI certification requires no modeling training.)
  3. Implementing third-party quality assurance throughout the design and construction processes. 

PHIUS has worked hard in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and Building Science Corporation to write standards co-promoted by the Department of Energy, based on research we did with Building Science Corporation to account for all eight climate zones in North America. Only professionals who’ve earned the PHIUS CPHC are equipped to account for climate specific conditions and cost-optimize for climate specific certification.

Accelerated PHIUS CPHC Program:

Under the accelerated, low-cost PHIUS CPHC training/certification path:

  • PHI/Passive House Academy-certified design professionals to obtain PHIUS CPHC® status in roughly half the time and half the cost of the full CPHC program. 
  • Currently certified (as listed on the PHI web site) professionals take one, 6-hour online module—compared to 50 hours for the full online. (Enrollees get access to the full 50 hours of online training for four months. PHIUS instructors continually update the online curriculum, so it’s a great refresher course.)
  • Enrollees must still attend the full in-class session at the location of their choice.
  • Class fee is $850—less than half the cost of the full program. 
  • The certification exam (normally an additional $300) is included.

CPHC® is a registered trademark, and the CPHC credential is the leading passive house design credential in the industry. PHIUS-trained CPHCs have been part of the design teams for 95% percent of all passive projects certified in North America since 2017. 

If you’re a PHI certified professional, the accelerated program is a great opportunity to join the CPHC community. To apply:​

Location Class Dates Online Exam Date

Final day for Exam Registration

Design Exam Due Date (4-weeks after Online Exam)
November 2021 Nov 8 - 19 Nov 19 - 28 Nov 19 Dec 19
December 2021 Dec 6 - 17 Dec 17 - 26 Dec 17 Jan 16
January 2022 Jan 18 - 28 Jan 28 - 30 Jan 26 Feb 28
February 2022 Feb 14 - 25  Feb 25 - Mar 6 Feb 23 Mar 23
March 2022 Mar 14 - 25 Mar 25 - Apr 3 Mar 23 Apr 23

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