Get Your Project Recognized

Winners of the 2023 Passive Projects Design Competition will be announced during PhiusCon 2023 in Houston. The juried competition recognizes fully certified passive building projects of all types in all climate zones. This is your chance to have your work celebrated at the leading passive building conference in North America!

Competition Details

  • Winning and honorable mention awards will be given in seven categories:   

    • Single-Family
    • High-rise Multifamily (5 stories and above)
    • Low-rise Multifamily
    • Affordable
    • Commercial/Institutional
    • Source Zero
    • Retrofit
    • Community Development

    Additionally, two projects from the above winners will be awarded:

    • Best Overall Project of this year’s competition
    • Best Project by a Young Professional (35 or under)

Sample Entry Form

We reccomend you review a read-only version of the Design Competition entry form prior to filling out the official form. NOTE: This form is for reference only. Entries must be submitted using the official Google Form.

2022 Winners

Below are the projects recognized as winners in the 2022 Passive Projects Design Competition

Best Overall Project

425 Grand Concourse | Bronx, New York

Architect: Dattner Architects; Builder: Monadnock Construction; CPHC: Lois Arena; Phius Rater/Verifier: Michael O’Donnell; Owner/Developer: Trinity Financial

Project Listing

Single-Family Winner

Fifth Street Passive House | Boise, Idaho

Architect: VY Architecture; Builder: King Building & Remodeling; CPHC: Scott Yribar; Phius Rater/Verifier: John Reuter; Owner/Developer: Skylar Swinford

Project Listing

Single-Family Honorable Mention

Harrison Street Infill | Washington, DC

Architect: Robin McGrew; Builder: AllenBuilt, Inc., John Allen; CPHC: Robin McGrew; Phius Rater/Verifier: Conway Energy, Chris Conway; Owner/Developer: Robin and Wes McGrew

Project Listing

High-Rise Multifamily Honorable Mention

4697 Third Avenue | Bronx, New York

Architect: Curtis + Ginsberg Architects; Builder: HomeBuilders; CPHC: Steven Winter Associates; Phius Rater/Verifier: Steven Winter Associates; Owner/Developer: Bronx Pro Group

Project Listing

Low-Rise Multifamily Winner

Old Colony Phase 3C | Boston, Massachusetts

Architect: The Architectural Team, Inc.; Builder: Dimeo Construction Company; CPHC: New Ecology, Inc.; Phius Rater/Verifier: New Ecology, Inc.; Owner/Developer: Beacon Communities, LLC

Project Listing

Low-Rise Multifamily Honorable Mention

Oak Tree Village | Griswold, Connecticut

Architect: Jesse Thompson - Kaplan Thompson Architects; Builder: Dakota Partners; CPHC: Kai Fast - Kaplan Thompson Architects; Phius Rater/Verifier: Nicole Burger; Owner/Developer: Dakota Partners

Project Listing

Commercial/Institutional Winner

Doig River Cultural Center | Moberly Lake, British Columbia

Architect: Peter Hildebrand; Builder: Erik Olofsson; CPHC: Brittany Coughlin; Phius Rater/Verifier: Kathleen Narbonne; Owner/Developer: Doig River First Nations

Project Listing

Commercial/Institutional Honorable Mention

Bowdoin College Schiller Coastal Studies Center | Harpswell, Maine

Architect: Centerbook Architects & Planners; Builder: JF Scott; CPHC: Thornton Tomasetti; Phius Rater/Verifier: SGH; Owner/Developer: Bowdoin College

Project Listing

Retrofit Winner

Theresa Passive House | Austin, Texas

Architect: Trey Farmer - Forge Craft Architecture; Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architect; Builder: CleanTag LLC; CPHC: Trey Farmer; Phius Rater/Verifier: Ned Fisher - ATS; Owner/Developer: Trey Farmer and Adrienne Farmer

Project Listing

Retrofit Honorable Mention

Forever House | Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Architect: CGA Studio / Christina Griffin Architect P.C.; Builder: CGA Studio / Christina Griffin Architect P.C.; CPHC: Christina Griffin; Phius Rater/Verifier: Integral Building & Design / Tony Lisanti; Owner/Developer: Christina Griffin & Peter Wolf

Project Listing

Source Zero Winner

Acton Passive House | Acton, Massachusetts

Architect: ZeroEnergy Design; Builder: Adams + Beasley Associates; CPHC: Jordan Goldman, ZeroEnergy Design; Phius Rater/Verifier: Mike Browne, Advance Building Analysis

Project Listing

Source Zero Honorable Mention

pipsqueak Passive House | Salt Lake City, Utah

Architect: Brach Design Architecture; Builder: Domain LLC; CPHC: Tom Candee; Phius Rater/Verifier: Dave Brach; Owner/Developer: Cari Pinkowski

Project Listing

Best Project by a Young Professional

Santaella Gardens | Bronx, New York

Architect: Dattner Architects; Builder: Monadnock; CPHC: Bright Power; Phius Rater/Verifier: Bright Power; Owner/Developer: Phipps Houses/Acacia Network

Project Listing

Community Development Recognition

Willow Creek Rentals | Hartford, Connecticut

Architect: Crosskey Architects; Builder: Viking Construction; CPHC: Thomas Moore; Phius Rater/Verifier: Karla Butterfield; Owner/Developer: JHM Group

Project Listings