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Performance Criteria by Climate Zone

The current climate-by-climate recommendations for window performance are shown below, and indicated on the US climate zone map per 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) on the following page. Climate zone information on a county-by-county basis can be located online at the US Department of Energy’s Building Energy Codes Program site. For more information about IECC fenestration requirements, visit the Efficient Windows Collaborative Performance Codes and Standards page.



Climate-by-Climate Recommendations for Window Performance

In the criteria table and on the data label, the climate zone labels differ slightly from the IECC map as follows:

  • 2 East = 2A
  • 2 West = 2B
  • Marine North = 4C
  • Marine South = 3C


Figure 1: Canada climate zones map
ASHRAE Standard
©ASHRAE, 2013 ASHRAE Standard-169.


Figure 2: US climate zones map (per 2009 IECC)

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