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Encouraging Creative Design

The idea of passive building has permeated nearly every sector of the built environment, and the result has been some impressive innovation. From tiny mobile passive offices to all sorts of "first-in-the-world" buildings, Phius is at the forefront of any and every type of sustainable building.

The Three Pillars of Phius Certification Standards

Phius is a pass/fail passive building standard. For the CORE and ZERO options, it remains a “performance-based” energy standard that also includes prescriptive quality assurance requirements adopted from various U.S. government programs.

Limits on heating/cooling loads (both peak and annual)

Air-tightness and other prescriptive quality assurance requirements

Limit on overall source energy use

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Check out our comprehensive Phius Certification Guidebook to answer any questions you might have.
Phius Guidebook

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