The Phius Pro Forum is unlike any event we’ve hosted before – and now we’ve got the agenda to prove it!

The three-day event, slated for Oct. 21-23 in Providence, Rhode Island, was designed specifically with the needs of the practicing Phius community in mind. To us, this means equipping our Phius Certified professionals with all the tools and expertise necessary to thrive in the field. 

Each day of the program was structured to fulfill a specific need in the market:

  • Day one is an in-depth technical deep dive for experienced professionals.
  • Day two is a detail-focused view of design and construction strategies.
  • Day three is a more introductory look at passive strategies and Phius certification for newly certified Phius professionals.

Workshops at the Phius Pro Forum will be led by Phius staff and leading industry practitioners. The content and speaker list was thoughtfully curated to provide attendees with proven solutions backed by a wealth of experience. The format of the event will also allow Phius staff members to be more accessible to attendees, which will foster a more collaborative environment.

Find below some tidbits about some of the sessions we’re most looking forward to this fall. Please note that the agenda is subject to change and presenters will be officially announced at a later date.

Phius REVIVE 2024 Workshop

The much anticipated REVIVE 2024 retrofit standard is being rolled out this summer, and Phius Pro Forum attendees will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the processes behind its development and key features of its implementation at our all-day workshop on day one of the Forum. The session will feature presentations from the Phius staff members who designed and developed the standard and its accompanying tools over the last several years.

Multifamily Electrification from All Angles

Day one will also feature three two-hour workshops focused on multifamily electrification. The sessions will cover: mechanical ventilation design, domestic hot water design and heating & cooling design.

Blank Paper to Passive

Day three’s focus is on guiding newly minted Phius professionals through their first few projects, starting with the “Blank Paper to Passive: Empowering Early Feasibility Assessments” session. Phius certification staff members will walk through the feasibility study process and demonstrate the initial steps of a successful Phius project. The first step can be daunting, but this session will show it’s well within reach!

Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind Phius Pro Forum – get your ticket and book your hotel today!