Florian Antretter

Group Manager, Hygrothermal Building Analysis at Fraunhofer IBP

Florian Antretter leads the group for Hygrothermal Building Analysis at Fraunhofer IBP. The group examines the hygrothermal performance and interaction of the building envelope and systems with the enclosed space. The achieved insight is used to develop and apply a hygrothermal whole building simulation tool, the WUFI® Passive software, which allows a detailed analysis with regards to energy use, indoor environment and the hygrothermal conditions in the building envelope.

Antretter first gained experience on building sites as a certified craftsman. He expanded his experience in material, component and whole-building measurements in the laboratory and in the field through statistical data assessment at Fraunhofer IBP and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is an expert in hygrothermal building component and whole building simulation as well as in application of computational fluid dynamics software.

His involvement in North American, Asian, and European projects enables him to conduct research and develop solutions in an international environment. Antretter has served as a lecturer in the Civil Engineering program at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany since 2010, and serves on the Phius Technical Committee. He has published more than 20 scientific articles in international journals and conference proceedings.