WUFI Passive Advanced - Single Family | July 2023

WUFI Passive is a powerful tool that can enhance the design and certification of passive building projects if integrated into the design process properly.

This course is focused on the use of WUFI Passive in design practices for single family projects and is intended to provide shortcuts, critical milestones and pro tips to streamline the process and ensure CPHCs can take advantage of the full capabilities of the software. In addition, students will learn about Phius certification requirements outside of the energy model (moisture control guidelines, condensation risk, etc) as they apply to single family homes and Phius certification. The basic WUFI training provided in the CPHC course is a prerequisite for the course and a basic understanding of the software is required.

Free temporary WUFI Passive license provided.

Structure: online workshop, step-by-step instruction

Prerequisites: WUFI Passive for Beginners or CPHC Training highly recommended

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    Th F | 2:00 - 6:00 PM Eastern
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    Phius Training Site
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