Phius Certified Rater Training | March 2022

PHIUS+ Rater Training Date: Feb 19 (RESNET) | 10 AM - 6 PM EST Hosted by Phius, RESNET Location: (Room TBA) | Austin, TX | Instructor: Tony Lisanti Anyone can register here for the course. To take the Rater certification exam, you must apply and be accepted. Eligibility for the exam includes: Candidates should possess some combination of the following experience: Professionals with low-rise residential energy efficiency certifications such as RESNET Rater or BPI Analyst. Professionals with on-site verification experience working with ENERGY STAR, LEED for Homes, and/or similar programs. Professionals with architecture, engineering, building science, construction management, or other similar experience who have background knowledge and experience in high performance design, construction, and on-site verification for single-family residential buildings. Phius Raters focus on single-family residential projects. The course is geared toward experienced RESNET and BPI professionals, and provides grounding in passive building principles as well as a guide to onsite quality assurance for the Phius Certification program. Some topics include: Enclosure integrity design strategies Passive building mechanical/ventilation systems On-site verification of passive building construction features Airtightness/blower door testing protocols This training is delivered in 2 parts. The first part consists of approximately 8 hours of self-paced training on the Phius training portal that needs to be completed prior to the in-person class. Upon registration, students will receive a login to the Phius Training Portal. The second is a full day in-person training. The course concludes with an exam that must be completed within 10 days of the end of class. Successfully completing the course and exam qualifies the trainee as a Phius Rater.

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