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PHIUS 2021: Emissions Down, Scale Up


November 9 - December 7, 2020: Public comment period
March 1, 2021: PHIUS 2021 Full Release
March 1 - December 31, 2021: PHIUS+ 2018 and phius 2021 Submission Overlap
December 31, 2021: PHIUS+ 2018 ends

January 1, 2022*: All new project under phius 2021

*Must have a signed project contract submitted to PHIUS by above date to secure the version.

PHIUS CORE Prescriptive 2021

Checklist (v2.3)*


PHIUS Climate & 2021 Prescriptive Snapshot Map

May be used to find the data set closest to your project.


*Checklist was created in excel. For best results, open in excel and enable macros.

phius CORE Prescriptive Zone Table

The phius CORE Prescriptive Zone table represents the range of climate-specific project requirements for all cities within an ASHRAE 169-2017 climate zone. For city-specific requirements, please refer to the Snapshot.


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