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First launched in 2008, PHIUS established the CPHC® professional credential to distinguish accomplished passive house professionals in the marketplace. CPHC training was the first – and is still the only – passive building training program tailored to North America’s unique climate variations, market conditions, and building components. PHIUS-trained CPHCs are leading adoption of passive house by designing and building quality-assured passive projects -- single family, multifamily and commercial -- across North America's varied climate zones.

Find a PHIUS Certified Builder

PHIUS Certified Builders are construction professionals trained to meet the challenges of building to the PHIUS+ passive building standard. Certified Builders undergo rigorous four-day hands-on training and pass a certification exam to learn how to address challenges like risk management and component sourcing unique to passive building and specific to North America’s unique climate variations, market conditions, and building components.

Find a PHIUS+ Rater

PHIUS+ Raters are RESNET raters in good standing who have successfully completed PHIUS passive house rater training. Only PHIUS+ Raters have the training to perform PHIUS+ certification, assign an accurate HERS Index, and to perform RESNET-approved quality assurance and quality control on passive house projects.

Find a PHIUS+ Verifier

PHIUS+ Verifiers perform third-party Quality Assurance and onsite verification for multifamily and commercial passive building projects pursuing PHIUS+ Certification. Verifiers are well versed in the specific requirements of the PHIUS+ Multifamily Certification Standard v2.0 for performance and on-site verification of multifamily buildings pursuing certification under the PHIUS+ program.

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