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CPHC® Exam

Following the completion of Phases I and II of the CPHC training, participants may take the optional certification examination. After successfully passing their exam, CPHCs are listed in the online PHIUS CPHC database, and have access to the latest technical information available from PHIUS. 

To become certified, participants must: 

  • Earn a minimum score of 70% on the computer-based exam.

  • Complete and pass a take-home design exercise within four weeks of taking the computer-based exam.

  • Students can opt to take the exam on the afternoon of the last day of training or, the exam will also be offered independently of training sessions. Check the CPHC Exam Dates & Registration page for details on upcoming dates.

Exam Registration Fees

Full exam: in-class + take-home, pricing is as follows:

  • Pro-Level PHAUS Members*: $275
  • Non-Members*: $300
  • Non-CPHC class participants (WUFI Passive Training required)*: $400

Exam re-take, either portion of the exam, pricing is as follows:

  • In-Class Exam*: $150 USD
  • Take-Home Design Exercise: $150 USD

* The CPHC Exam Prep is included with the noted exam registrations above, otherwise pricing is as follows:

  • CPHC Exam Prep Only: $25

Exam Cancellation

  • 100% Refund Available: 30+ business days prior to the listed exam date

  • No Refund Available: < 30 business days prior to the listed exam date

Exam Rescheduling 

  • $25 rescheduling fee for rescheduling the online exam, only possible up to 1 business day before the planned exam date

  • $25 rescheduling fee for rescheduling the take-home exam, only possible before the take-home exam due date

NOTE: All people that register for CPHC Phase II training will get free access to the 'CPHC Exam Preparation' module. All people that register for the CPHC Exam RETAKE Online or Full Exam will get free access to the 'CPHC Exam Preparation' module. Take-home retakes do not need access to this module.  

Location Class Dates Online Exam Date Take-Home Exam Due Date (4-weeks after In-Class Exam)

Online May 2020

May 4 - 22 May 22 - 24 June 21

Online June 2020

June 8 - 26 June 26 - 28 July 26

Online July 2020

July 6 - 24

July 24 - 26 Aug 23
Online September 2020 Sept 14 - Oct 2 Oct 2 - 4 Nov 1
Online November 2020 Nov 2 - 20 Nov 20 - 22 Dec 20


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