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CPHC® Exam

Following the completion of Phases I and II of the CPHC training, participants may take the optional certification examination. After successfully passing their exam, CPHCs are listed in the online PHIUS CPHC database, and have access to the latest technical information available from PHIUS. 

To become certified, participants must: 

  • Take the online exam and design exam
  • Achieve a combined score of >70% on the two exams. The online exam is weighted 70% of the total score while the design exam is weighted 30%. 

Exam Grading:

  • The online exam is graded instantly and thes score is visible immediately after completion.
  • The design exam will be graded 3-4 weeks after the due date.
  • Students will be notified via email from when their final exam scores are ready, and those scores will be visible on the training site.

Exam Registration Fees

Full exam: Online exam + Design exam, pricing is as follows:

  • Full exam: $300

Exam re-take, either portion of the exam, pricing is as follows:

  • Online Exam: $150
  • Design Exam: $150
  • CPHC Exam Prep Only: $25

NOTE: Registration will close by the end of the day on the final day of the Phase II course. 

Exam Cancellation

  • 100% Refund Available: 30+ business days prior to the listed exam date
  • No Refund Available: < 30 business days prior to the listed exam date

Exam Rescheduling 

  • $25 rescheduling fee for rescheduling the online exam, only possible up to 1 business day before the exam’s due date
  • $25 rescheduling fee for rescheduling the design exam, only possible before the design exam due date

NOTE: All people that register for CPHC Phase II training or retake any portion of the exam will get free access to the 'CPHC Exam Preparation' course.

Location Class Dates Online Exam Date

Final day for Exam Registration

Design Exam Due Date (4-weeks after Online Exam)
November 2021 Nov 8 - 19 Nov 19 - 28 Nov 19 Dec 19
December 2021 Dec 6 - 17 Dec 17 - 26 Dec 17 Jan 16
January 2022 Jan 18 - 28 Jan 28 - Feb 6 Jan 26 Feb 28
February 2022 Feb 14 - 25  Feb 25 - Mar 6 Feb 23 Mar 23
March 2022 Mar 14 - 25 Mar 25 - Apr 3 Mar 23 Apr 23


Use the links below to register for the full exam or either portion of the exam.

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